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Fabric Design Saree is the most versatile and beautiful Indian Fabric Dressing Saree of all time. It hugs the body in such a way that it outlines the body in an appealing manner and conceals any flaws. When a woman wants to go for a saree, there are no age bars as it is perfect for everyone. Also, there is nothing as traditional and stylish as saree, it adds glamour and shine to your whole look. At Mirraw, you can find a great collection of sarees- You just wish and search, we will fulfill it.

Our website serves many popular brands and beautiful sarees for everyone. You can either filter according to the fabric, embellishment or occasion, our website will classify everything according to your requirement. Our collection will win your heart and make you satisfied. However, if you can’t find something up to date then you can easily return it or exchange it. We focus on our customer’s needs and trends and serve you with a handpicked saree online collection which will definitely satisfy you.

Collaboration of Trending and Traditional Fabric Design Saree

Women love to wear saree and in this modern world, they are shifting to a traditional look. Indian traditional saree is 9 yards long, but today, it is found in 4 to 9 yards. From toddlers to teenagers, most of the females are shifting towards saree. Either it’s a fancy dress competition or a farewell party or a family function, saree has become an option and necessity for girls. That’s the reason why there must be a saree for everyone.

Mirraw has a great collection of saree where you can find different sizes, fabrics and colours. Whenever we talk about the fabric of saree, you can find it in any textile- silk, georgette, cotton and polyester. Every saree has its own diverse look and quality. Silk sarees have some great work and texture. Silk sarees themselves have their own diverse variety like Tussar silk saree, Banarasi silk saree, Silk Fabric , and Net Design Silk saree with great handwork and embroidery. This saree gives a heavy look and reflects the real India.

Then comes the Cotton Sarees. Cotton sarees are popular for their comfort. It feels soft to the skin and gives some space to pass the Air- India is a diverse country, and that’s the reason why every Indian region has its own unique cotton weaving style. This makes every saree different from others and adds versatility to it. Georgette Designs are very easy to carry. It is very light in weight, has some amazing prints on it and found in exciting colours. It hugs the women’s body in such a way that she feels highly confident. Chiffon sarees has a textured look on it. It adds power to your look. It is translucent in nature and can be dyed in any colour. Other than these, there are many types of Sarees, found in different fabrics which you can easily find on our website. We guarantee to serve you with a collaboration of trendy and traditional look.

Stunning look with Fabric saree

You can never complete your saree look without jewellery, petticoat, blouse and of course your saree. These four are the important elements of a saree. To get that astonishing Saree look, first of all, get the blouse and petticoat of your fitting. Remember that it should match your saree. A Petticoat is a matching clothing article that is worn underneath your saree. It is in the shape of a skirt which gives a versatile shape to your saree. It should be simple, matching and of your perfect length. Then comes the Blouse. A Blouse is a short cropped top that matches the saree. It covers the upper body of women.

A saree can never get completed without a blouse, so either pick up a matching one or contrasting one and add elegance to your saree. Lastly, comes the jewellery. Jewellery is an external part of your outfit but it is very important to enhance your whole look. It works exactly like your makeup. You can both go for a light or a chunky piece, and add more beauty to your look. It also depends on your saree fabric. Don’t forget to mix and match everything in a fine way. We can help you to look your best- Shop your Jewellery, blouse and petticoat from Mirraw.

Tips to choose and carry a Fabric saree

You can’t deny the fact that women usually create blunders while wearing a saree. Either it’s her first time with a saree or the hundredth time with it, she will tend to do something wrong. So, here are a few tips that will make your work easier

o Choose your saree according to your body shape.

o Choose your saree colour according to your skin colour.

o If you are a first-timer, go for comfortable and easy to carry fabric.

o Put the safety pins at the right place as it will help you to hold your saree.

o Try different draping styles so that you know what suits you the most.

o Accessories your saree in the right way. Choose the right pair of heels and jewellery

o Don’t put too much makeup with your dark colour saree as it will make you look too loud.

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