The art of beautifying yourself- Fabric design

‘You can’t buy happiness but you can buy fabrics and that pretty close’

Dress is something that is very important for human being. The importance of it is everywhere, be it in school, collage, university, or in your office you must need to look presentable and for that our dressing sense is the key. It is very common human nature that people is judged on the basis of their of looking. For looking presentable a good dressing sense is very necessary.

Now a days clothing is not only for looking presentable, the main emphasis is given before selecting any cloth is how comfortable is and also how much fashionable it is. The day is over when only the people of ‘fair sex’ i.e women gives importance on the clothing but now both male and female gives equal emphasis on dress as that is what our changing modern society demands. More than looking fancy man and female now prefers comfortable clothing , they hardly use so called formal wear and that is why informal wear of various design is trending on clothing market across not only on our country but also in throughout the world. The modern generation gives so much importance and gives so much times before selecting appropriate fabrics for them. Unlike previous generation they are not ready at all to go out without fashionable and also without comfortable dresses.

Fabric or cloths are made of mainly three types of ingredients that is wool ,cotton and synthetic like polyester. The first two types are natural. Textile design or fabric design is essentially the process of creating designs for woven, knitted or printed fabrics or surface ornamented fabrics. Textile designers are involved with the production of these designs. These designs is what separated a fashionable cloths from a normal one. The expert designer are needed to create such good quality fabric design for modern generation customers .

These fabric designs are important for the dresses of both the sex ,though the importance of fabric designs are most in various types of dresses of women like saree and salwar. Fabric designing is an art and various types of modern cloth like shibori print, khadi, block print, ajrak print, batik print is the result of this art. Fabric design is one the growing art in textile industry now a days. The designing of textile according to the choice of customers gives textile industry as well our modern civilization gives a new dimension. Fabric designing is the reason behind all the fashionable dress to which we are so much obsessed with.

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